Katherina Tereshchebkov

Art class 

I’ve always had a strong passion to find out more about the world around me. I would always be creating something new; from paper origami’s to crayon drawings. I wasn’t an overly athletic child nor did I stay inside a lot. I would wander the outbacks of our neighborhood creek, always exploring new ideas, and colors. This creativity and curiosity of mine started from when I was still very little. As I grew older this never truly went away but instead only grew with me. I’ve taken arts since I was 7, from starting with small pencil sketches of trees to full paintings of landscapes. I would take art classes in school, followed by after school group or private sessions. There is always more to learn about art, and the beauty behind a brush and pencil. I express myself through my art work and from this I’ve learned many different methods, techniques, and tricks. I’ve explored mediums of all kinds; clay, paint, charcoal and many more.

My goal is to help pass on what I’ve learned to the students I teach. I want to inspire people, and to help people find true joy from their art. There will always be more to learn about the world around us and how we perceive it. I will help guide students to enjoy a life full of color, light, perspective, and texture. I want to show how to mix paint, and create 3 dimensional and abstract art works. The students will not only learn, but learn by having fun.

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