Ivan Shulzhenko

Drum and Guitar lessons

Ivan Shulzhenko is the great-grandson of the famous soviet singer
Klavdia Ivanovna Shulzhenko.
Ivan Shulzhenko has been living in the Unites States since 2015, studying music, teaching children to play drums.
Ivan is a Session Drummer, making drum records for musicians and music groups.

Ivan Shulzhenko is interested in music since childhood, he created his own band being Teenager, then played in different bands in native city, including one of the most famous Russian band.
Ivan had a lot of tours across the country and abroad in 2010-2015.
In 2017 Ivan and his friend opened Drum School in Miami, FL.
There was 17 students within a year and there were regular progress show for parents with lots of fun, joy and happy kids.
Ivan Shulzhenko has a unique approach of sharing his professional experience with kids of any age, he is sharing his true passion and it’s always a magic in music process and results.