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Welcome to Virtuoso School of Music and Art , where excellence meets convenience! We take pride in offering our clients exceptional value and a unique experience that sets us apart from our competitors.
At Virtuoso School, we understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we provide a comprehensive range of lessons All in One Place. From Music lessons to Dance classes in various genres, Art classes, and our exclusive, patented program: SCHOOL OF LITTLE  TALENTS  for children aged 4-7, we offer a diverse selection of artistic disciplines. By choosing Virtuoso School, you can save time and effort by taking multiple lessons under the same roof.
What truly distinguishes us is our commitment to professionalism. We believe in the importance of qualified instructors who hold relevant education and diplomas. That’s why at Virtuoso School, you can trust that you are learning from experienced professionals who are passionate about their craft. Our instructors bring their expertise and knowledge to each lesson, ensuring that you receive the highest quality instruction.
Our School of Little Talents program is designed to ignite and nurture the artistic abilities of young children. With engaging activities and age-appropriate lessons, we provide a supportive environment for their creative growth. Our qualified instructors understand the unique needs of young learners and are dedicated to helping them develop their talents from an early age.
Join us at Virtuoso School of Music and Art and experience the convenience of taking multiple lessons in one place, while receiving instruction from highly qualified professionals. Let us be your partner on your artistic journey, helping you unlock your full potential and discover the joy of self-expression.
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There’s a plenty of various schools, why you should choose us?
The answer is simple: you will get the offers that meet your requirements and even beyond that. 


  • ONLY University-Trained Teachers with Degrees
  • Specific curriculum 
  • Piano, guitar, violin and other instrument classes
  • Dance and Art classes 
  • Small Dance and Art classes sizes
  • Private and Group classes
  • Preparation for future studying at Universities and Conservatories
  • Exem Preparation – Trinity College London and ABRSM
  • Individual approach for every student 
  • Patented Program: School of Little Talents 
  • Semi-annual School Recitals 
  • A variety of lessons and classes,All in one Place!

So, whether you’re looking to learn Musical  instrumet , Dance, or engage in other Artistic pursuits, Virtuoso School of Music and Art is here to support and inspire you. Join our community of passionate learners and unlock your full creative potential!

Music should be something that the learner for a lifetime! Music is not optional in life. It is a necessity of the human spirit! Just try to get through a day without music and see how well that goes!

You will be taught by experienced, dedicated and, what is most important, patient tutors holding classes with enthusiasm and fun.

You will find a great number of classes such as Music lessons, Dance classes, Art classes, unique program School of Little Talents, Music Theater, Preschool program and more others. You can book any classes you like easily according to your choice saving money and time!

You will attend all year-round performances including class recital, semiannual school recitals, competitions, children’s festivals and other amusing events.

What is more, every single family gets a bonus upon registration – a Music Parent Handbook with all detailed information about our school programs!

Join us today and let a whole new world be your guide!

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Thank you virtuoso for teaching us so much! My son loves his drum class and Mr.Earl! He is excellent at choosing songs to keep my sons attention! We appreciate your flexibility if needed. Thank you for changing our views on music and instrument lessons! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Virtuoso Music School: Top-Notch Instruction and a Nurturing Environment Both my sons have flourished at Virtuoso Music School since 2021. The highly qualified and experienced staff, like Mr. Bard and Mr. Matthew, provide excellent personalized instruction that caters to all skill levels. They go beyond technique, fostering a love for music and building confidence in every student. Virtuoso’s friendly and supportive atmosphere sets it apart. Their annual recital, a professional showcase of student progress, is a highlight of the year. We’ve witnessed significant improvement in our sons’ musical abilities and performance skills, thanks to Virtuoso’s dedication and expertise.
Dipti Joshi
Dipti Joshi
Excellent music school! We love taking piano lessons here. The teachers are fantastic.
Verena Martin
Verena Martin
All the teachers I’ve met here are fantastic, caring, and help students do their best. The whole school is organized very well, has a great energy, which is obvious from the enthusiastic and joyful student performances
Nick Georgopoulos
Nick Georgopoulos
Very beautiful school, cozy environment, clean and fresh. Staff cares for children. Everyone is professional. Svetlana , director of school, is very passionate teacher, good director, very good looking, always smile. I am very happy for my kids! Adults also going to that school for dance, draw, take piano lessons, cello and other. Prices are very affordable.
Volodymyr Tretyak
Volodymyr Tretyak
Great music school in Charlotte for kids and adults. Very friendly stuff and professional teachers. They offer piano, drums, guitar, ukulele, violin, cello and dance classes. I’ve been in this schools since January and can say how awesome this schools is. Classes are very comfortable and clean. Highly recommend this music school for anyone in Charlotte!
Aleksei Chebeliuk
Aleksei Chebeliuk
thank you for your concern for our children. Your school is a good example of what a music school should be like. Very nice atmosphere, good teachers with high experience, and good skills, clean and beautiful school.
halen love
halen love
Eric is an amazing Piano instructor. My 10 year old Son has been taking piano lessons from Eric for the past 8 months and I’m seeing a great progress in a short time. I highly recommend Eric for piano lessons!!
Ramnath “Raam”
Ramnath “Raam”
Great school! My daughter goes to School of Little Talents and takes weekly half an hour private voice lessons with Eric. While she’s not the most focused student, Eric manages to keep her interest and is very flexible in his teaching. He lets her pick her favorite Disney songs and works with her through the difficult parts, which keeps her engaged and motivated. I had zero expectations when we signed up, but was amazed to see how much her voice developed throughout the year.
Victoria Skakun
Victoria Skakun
I was looking for an online music school, as I work until the evening. And in social networks, I accidentally found the Virtuoso School of Music and Art. I live in the Netherlands and we have a big time difference. Despite this, I decided to contact the director of the school, Ms. Svetlana. I explained to her that I was very interested in starting to learn to play the piano, and that was my dream for many years. She kindly showed me through FaceTime her beautiful school, which is very nicely decorated and helped me choose a convenient time for classes. She introduced me to a very professional teacher, Mr. Eric, who has a lot of knowledge. He is very kind and very patient. He gives me a lot of advice on how to be productive and achieve very good results. I have been taking piano lessons for more than a year and I am very satisfied. From time to time, Mrs. Svetlana visits my class and listens to my performance, which motivates me to practice more and shows my progress. This is a very organized and great music school that I highly recommend!
Khrystyna Tonian
Khrystyna Tonian