Earl Young

Guitar,Drum,Ukulele,Mandolin,Music Theory

Earl is a seasoned musician and educator who can play and teach various instruments with over four decades of experience. As a professional guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, he has worked in recording studios and as a touring performer. 

He can help his students master the fundamentals of music, theory and harmony, the Nashville Number System, ear training and development, songwriting skills, and more, while enjoying learning songs they love and the correct techniques to achieve their musical goals faster.

He has taught students of all ages and abilities, and he can instruct them in guitar, bass guitar, drums, mandolin, and ukulele. He is a compassionate and understanding person who cares deeply for his students and is very patient with them, making them feel comfortable and supported. He is also very flexible and willing to adapt to different situations and needs to ensure the best learning experience for his students in reaching their goals.

– Earl is a skilled guitar teacher and multi-instrumentalist with over 40 years of playing experience.
– He has worked in recording studios and performed live in various venues.
– He can teach music theory, harmony, ear training, songwriting, and the Nashville Number System in a fun and engaging way.
– He can help students learn songs they love and improve their techniques quickly.
– He has taught students of all ages and abilities, and is able to teach guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, ukulele, and more.
– He is a kind, caring, and patient person who adapts to the needs of his students.