Virtuoso School of Music and Art offers  violin lessons suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced students. Minimum age required  3 and a half years old. What about violin instruction, it begins at 3 years old. Cello study at 6 years old. Our experienced teachers will hold your interest through whole studying.

The heart for our string program (Violin, Viola or Cello) is classical fundamentals. We have singled out some aspects that, as we believe, are the basis of learning. Namely, the technique consisting of learning proper posture, instrument, bow hold and bowing to deliver skills required and avoid harmful impact on health. Your level will be taken into consideration and according to it adapted music will be selected.

Violin, cello, and viola lessons offer numerous benefits. They enhance cognitive abilities, improve discipline and patience, foster creativity, and provide a sense of accomplishment. Learning these instruments also helps with motor skills, ear training, and emotional expression. Additionally, playing in an ensemble can enhance social skills and teamwork.

Skills to gain:

  • Proper posture, instrument and bow hold and bowing learning
  • Music reading
  • Confidence for performing in orchestra

Private lessons

The newcomers can start their studying at any time all year round. Skilled teachers and individual approach to every student are guaranteed.

Private lessons are available on a weekly basis for 30 min., 45 min., or 1-hr duration.  Most beginners will find 30-minute lesson sufficient for the start. 

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