The Finest Music Education

Virtuoso school of Music and Art is aimed to provide students of all ages with exceptional studying on the highest level.

We offer a great number of programs for any taste:

  • Instrument classes (piano, guitar, violin and more others)
  • Voice lessons
  • Music Theory
  • Ear training (solfege)
  • Music Theater
  • Art
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Harp
  • Little Talents program
  • Preschool program
  • Summer camps

You will be guided through the uneasy way from the beginner to pro by our world-class tutors no matter who you are: a kid, a teen or an adult. All our studios are well-equipped, so you can be certain that you will gain only professional training.

The point is that either you’re a newcomer in this field of have already got musical education we are happy to meet you and share your affection to music and art!

We believe that it would be interesting to know that foundation of Virtuoso school of Music and Art was a cherished dream of our Headmistress, Svetlana Chernyshyova. Her purpose was to deliver her long-term passion to music and art to everyone who wants to be the part of this strong family.

A message from Svetlana

Hello Students, Parents, Family and Friends.

I am Svetlana Chernyshyova, director of  Virtuoso School of Music and Arts.

Upon arriving from Turkmenistan to America I’ve spent the last 4 years as a dedicated teacher for the Academy of Music specializing in the art of piano. Each year having been proudly rewarded and honored as my students have not only participated in the graduation recital competition but won and received highest award. Sharing a strong love and respect with my students, parents and colleagues it was bitter sweet making the decision to branch out on my own.

For many years I’ve been consumed with the dream of opening my very own musical school. Creating a cozy and warm atmosphere arrayed with elite qualified professional staff to lead students both adult and children to their highest level of talent. After years of perseverance, exertion and careful deliberation my dream finally came true! I decided on leaving the past to create a future.

Being a parent myself, I raised two sons of my own and poured my heart and soul into preparing them for success. Having dreamed of this opportunity my whole life, the rise and success of Virtuoso is treated as that of my third child.  It has laid beneath my heart for some time before birthing into creation. As parents we tend to concern ourselves with the significance and caliber of education. The stature of success and the merit of nobility.

With that being said, my maternal love and sentiment will pour over all students in reaching their goals and dreams.  Virtuoso is committed and devoted to providing all students with a comfortable learning environment. I am proud to have a great team of highly skilled professional instructors with equal views and values dedicated to adhering students to their best abilities.  All staff are sufficient with an effective approach on teaching techniques.  Students are sure to gain a deep and solid knowledge in order to achieve full eminence.

Gladly my dream came true and I’d be happiest sharing it with all of you. I’m sure all who enter child or adult will be glad they did.  Here at Virtuoso we make dreams come true!  Without further ado, I welcome you to Virtuoso  school of Music and Arts.

Let’s make your dreams come true!

Svetlana   Chernyshyova
Director of   Virtuoso School of Music and Art