Belly Dance

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Our dance classes

Welcome to Virtuoso School of Music and Art offers an extensive selection of dance classes no matter who you are: a kid, a teen or an adult. You can be certain that classes are held in a very encouraging environment by skillful professionals oriented in all styles of dance.


Belly dance is a traditional Middle Eastern dance form characterized by intricate hip and torso movements. In Adult Belly dance classes, participants learn a variety of techniques, including isolations, shimmies, and undulations. The focus is on developing fluidity, grace, and strength in the movements. Classes often incorporate choreography, allowing students to practice and showcase their skills. Beyond the physical aspects, Belly Dance classes may also explore the cultural and historical context of this dance form, providing a holistic learning experience for adults. Participants often find belly dance classes to be a joyful and empowering way to express themselves through movement.

Group classes and private lessons are available.

Private lessons

The newcomers can start their studying at any time all year round. Skilled teachers and individual approach to every student are guaranteed.

Group lessons

Group lessons are held one per week and last for 1 hour. They are the best option for those who only get acquainted with the instrument and are only going to learn such basics a note, values, time, signature and position. Apart from that, you will develop concepts and techniques of your own. And, certainly, we meet halfway the students who want to become more skillful with the help of private lessons.

Private lessons are available on a weekly basis for 30 min., 45 min., or 1-hr duration. Group lessons are held in a 1-hr session.


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