Ballroom Dance

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Our dance classes

Welcome to Virtuoso School of Music and Art offers an extensive selection of dance classes no matter who you are: a kid, a teen or an adult. You can be certain that classes are held in a very encouraging environment by skillful professionals oriented in all styles of dance.

BALLROOM DANCE  Ages 6-10 and Up
What are the advantages of ballroom? Coordination, grace, poise, and posture building… but the list is not over. Core strength and flexibility. Amazing fact that ballroom dancing is one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercise because… it doesn’t feel like cardio.

In a Ballroom dance class, students can learn a range of skills and techniques tailored to various ballroom dance styles. These may include:
1. **Waltz:**
   – Basic box step and turns.
   – Smooth and graceful movements across the dance floor.
   – Emphasis on poise and frame.
2. **Foxtrot:**
   – Basic Foxtrot steps and traveling movements.
   – Development of a smooth, gliding style.
   – Partner coordination and connection.
3. **Cha-Cha:**
   – Fundamental Cha-Cha steps and syncopated footwork.
   – Dynamic hip movements and quick, energetic pacing.
   – Emphasis on rhythm and playful expression.
4. **Rumba:**
   – Slow, romantic movements and hip motion.
   – Connection between partners through gentle, flowing steps.
   – Expressive arm and hand styling.
5. **Swing:**
   – Basic Swing steps, including triple steps and rock steps.
   – Energetic, upbeat, and playful style.
   – Partner dynamics and connection.
6. **Tango:**
   – Distinctive Tango walks and sharp movements.
   – Close hold and passionate, dramatic expression.
   – Precision in foot placement and timing.
Ballroom dance classes not only teach specific steps but also focus on proper posture, partner communication, and musicality. Students often gain confidence, improve coordination, and enjoy the social and performance aspects of ballroom dancing.

Group classes and private lessons are available.

Private lessons

The newcomers can start their studying at any time all year round. Skilled teachers and individual approach to every student are guaranteed.

Group lessons

Group lessons are held one per week and last for 1 hour. They are the best option for those who only get acquainted with the instrument and are only going to learn such basics a note, values, time, signature and position. Apart from that, you will develop concepts and techniques of your own. And, certainly, we meet halfway the students who want to become more skillful with the help of private lessons.

Private lessons are available on a weekly basis for 30 min., 45 min., or 1-hr duration. Group lessons are held in a 1-hr session.


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