Tatiana Anuff

Piano /Music Theory

I was born in Barranquilla , Atlántico , Colombia , South America.
I began my studies in piano and musical grammar at the age of 6 at the Pedro Biava Conservatory of the Universidad del Atlantico, where I continued uninterruptedly until completing my school studies at Colegio Aleman de Barranquilla, where I also received good musical and choral training. After finishing high school, I obtained the title of bacteriologist at the Metropolitan University of Barranquilla. Parallel to the university studies that lasted 5 years, I received private piano lessons. Once I obtained the degree of bacteriologist, I began a degree in music education which lasted 4 years. After those four years of study were completed, I began to work as a teacher in kindergartens, schools, academies and also gave private piano lessons. I currently have 32 years of experience as a piano teacher and I believe that success in my work is maintaining a balance between formality and playfulness. I consider myself dedicated and patient to allow the student to develop their learning at their own pace. I have had experiences working as a teacher with children from 4 years old onwards and with adults. I feel a lot of love and empathy for children in the teaching-learning process and it is my greatest satisfaction to see them achieve their desired goals.

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