Are you acquainted with the oldest in the world instrument? Maybe, you could see it depicted in the history or literature books, but unlikely alive. Now you have an opportunity not only to see it but even to touch its string and play it! Certainly, it will require hard word and much of practice. But it is worth it. Harp sounding is real music for everyone’s ears. And, to be honest, it’s a fun and relaxing activity you will undoubtedly like. Our harp teacher will guide you and select the option of playing suitable personally for you.

Remember, every beginning is hard. That is why we want to present some facts to you to encourage your studying.

  • Once an aristocratic instrument played for royalty, harpists were challenged with being able to evoke three distinct emotions from their audience: tears, laughter, and sleep.
  • A harp is a musical instrument consisting of a triangular frame open on both sides which contains a series of strings of varying lengths that are played by plucking. The length of the string determines how high or low a sound it makes.
  • The therapeutic effects of harp music have been researched and well documented.

So, some evidence about last fact. It was found that harp playing can help to escape from stress and anxiety and replace the lack of warmth and comfort. We think it’s one more reason to take it up, don’t you think so either?

Benefits of Music Lessons

The benefits that come from taking music lessons can be invaluable regardless of age. These include: improved cognitive attributes such as organization, problem solving, math, science study skills, communication and memory. The study of music has also been found to encourage a calmer and more focused mind, develop creativity, increase perseverance, confidence and determination, improve dexterity and discipline, in addition to empowering ones self-esteem.

The benefits of private music lessons include one-on-one undivided attention with the chance to discover and develop one’s own learning style, the opportunity for the student to be recognized as a unique individual, and the advantage of personalized lesson plans designed to maximize his or her progress.

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