Aleksei Chebeliuk

Music teacher

Aleksei began practicing accordion at the age of 7. During his career as a musician, he achieved a lot of medals and won many competitions. He has students from all over the world and works with children and adults, teaching accordion and piano lessons. One of his piano students won an international competition in memory of Rachmaninov. This student also took 2nd prize in Steinway Competition in Beverly Hills, and then she performed in Carnegie Hall. Aleksei was a private accordion teacher for Johny Berchtold, who works with ABC Studios, and was an actor in the TV Series “The Wilds. Aleksei also wrote two musical pieces for his scene.

Aleksei is a talented MC who performs solo at many concerts in the US.

His hobbies are writing, recording, production, and traveling.

Samara State Music College, Music Teacher, Accordionist, Russia
Samara State Technical University, Economic Manager, Russia
International American University, MBA, Los Angeles.
In 1998 Aleksei Chebeliuk went to a music school to learn the accordion. After two years, he took part in the Samara open festival of children’s creativity, “Russian Winter,” and took 1st place.

In 2001, despite a broken leg, he repeated his success at the Russian Winter Festival, taking 1st place and also took 2nd place in the city competition for young instrumentalists with the support of the Samara city administration and became the 2nd-degree laureate of creative competitions in the artistic and aesthetic direction in the instrumental nomination creativity “Alabinsky Readings”.

In 2004, he won 1st place in three competitions: “Maestro of the 21st century”, “Steps of Mastery 2003”, and “Russian Winter”. He became the laureate of the 3rd degree of the Regional Festival of Performing Arts. In 2005, after graduating from the 9th grade of the school, he passed the entrance exams with honors and entered the Samara Musical College. D.G. Shatalova.

At the same time, he did not leave school and continued his studies. In 2005, he took 1st place in the competition “Maestro of the 21st century”, a diploma of the 2nd degree of the All-Russian festival “Vivat Bayan,” and 2nd place in the Interregional competition “Zhiguli Constellation”. In 2006 he received a diploma at the All-Russian competition “Small Delphic Games”. In 2007 he graduated from a secondary school and entered the Samara Polytechnic University at the Faculty of Engineering and Economics. By this time, he was already in the 3rd year of music school. He studied at two higher institutions simultaneously as a full-time student. In his 1st year of the university (2007), he took part in student theater of a variety of miniatures and performed on the accordion, for which he was awarded an Honorary Diploma. In 2008 he organized a musical trio with the support of an accordion teacher at the School of Music. He took 2nd place in the regional competition “Children’s Mosaic”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the button accordion. In 2009 he graduated from a music school, having passed all state exams with honors.