Dear Parents of Virtuoso School of Music and Art!

We want to speak with you about learning process in our school. We all know that Music, Dance and Art studies in general takes a very long time, usually years. Learning process is not only a fun, but it is also hard work both for children and for their parents. 99% of success depends on patience, on your ability to explain to child how important it is for him/her to learn how to play the instrument. Music, Dance and Art have a huge influence on a person, it develops mental ability, helps to be more creative. Those who study Art since childhood are very intelligent people and have great success in society. So patience is very important, even if on any stage your child will start to lose the interest in the instrument, you should get through it together and help your child study regularly. That is what the key to success is. We also strongly recommend for your child to perform on our regular concerts. When children listen to each other and to professional teachers, they get some positive energy and motivation to continue their music classes. And you, parents, can observe real results, and, of course, be proud of your child. All teachers and administration ask parents to be patient, do not expect instant results and to prepare for the years of study. On the other side, our team of teachers does its best for children to love music and their instruments and helps them to become highly educated professionals in it! path-to-musical-success

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