Teaching music to children

Many children are born with musical abilities but are not interested or encouraged to develop them. This is very regrettable because a life long enjoyment of music is lost both for the children and for others.
 The key to successful music training is always the parents. Without their support and encouragement ,less then one percent of children will succeed. Benefits of music training goes beyond the skill itself. In addition it teachers discipline,perseverance ,and self confidence.
Sometimes parents want their children to be taught at home with traveling music teachers.

This is not very effective and actually wastes time and money because in the child’s home there are too many distractions.

TV,brothers and sisters,long noises,video games,all intrude on the learning process.
Trying to maintain interest in learning music with such distractions causes great unhappiness in the children.
  However,at any dedicated music school,apart from the child’s home,no distractions exist,and proper focus on the tasks can be achieved.
Therefore progress is much faster and more satisfying ,both for the child and the parents who pay for it.
  And ,because other children are met at the school often a positive competitive atmosphere develops.As the students hear the progress others are making,they become more interested in improving.
  Positive feedback occurs at succeeding in learning music and performing the piece from memory.
Recitals become festive and exciting occasions where the children learn from the beginning to perform in public without nervousness.

The praise and attention they receive causes them to want more of the same.
  Our school is called Virtuoso School of Music and Art. All of the instructors are very experienced ,highly qualified, of European educations.
  We are able to offer your children a very warm and encouraging experience. With a very high quality music education from teachers specifically trained to teach children,as well as adults,successful outcomes are enhanced for a wide array of instruments.
   In addition ,our school offers Art classes where drawing,painting and various crafts can be learned and enjoyed. Our Pre-school class for young children of 2-5 age where kids will get a basic music education,will develop sense of rhythm and hearing.
  Each child has potential.Some will become very skilled. But each and very one will benefit for their entire lives having learned to read,perform and Enjoy Music!

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