Tatiana Sukhanova

 Tatiana Sukhanova – Art Teacher /Art Therapy

Russian native Tatiana Sukhanova’s drive and passion for art started in her early childhood years. She later acquired her degree in fashion design. Tatiana is an accomplished painter who works in acrylics and oils but now mainly focuses on painting with watercolors. Her paintings intend to capture the intimacy of solitude and silence. The scenes create a dreamlike atmosphere, allowing the viewer to escape into a trance of peace, delving into nature where one feels most comfortable. The blank spaces are an interpretation of the state of mind an individual enters when they pause to nostalgically ponder on memories when we used to care so much more about what’s happening around us and simplicity. Her watercolors are dominated by elaborate botanical illustrations, cityscapes, urban detailed landscapes, and still lifes. Tatiana Sukhanova is an Exhibiting Artist of The Revealed Art Gallery, located in Downtown Charleston. 119 Church Street, Charleston, SC. Exhibiting Artist of The Charleston Artist Guild. The Gallery is located in Downtown Charleston. 160 East Bay Street, Charleston, SC. Website: www.tatianasukhanovaart.com


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