“Virtuoso” School of Music and Art Professionally Specialized Music School in Charlotte NCfor all those, who are seriously interested in musical development of their children and look up after their future. Our school is for those who care about their knowledge as well as playing on musical instruments. Only in our school you will find professional teachers with European education and amazing experience in teaching. Our teachers have mastered their instruments and will be able to share their knowledge, experience, skills and love toward music and art with their students. Our Music School in Charlotte NC has developed different plans and programs of education for children and adults. We teach and prepare anyone who seriously deserves to perform at different competitions as well as those who want to enter universities and conservatories in order to continue their education. In addition to playing a musical instrument, we provide theoretical group classes (Ear Training & Theory of music) in order for you to obtain the deepest knowledge and experience. These classes are very important for musical development, hearing and voice of your child. These classes will introduce your child in to the world of art by various composers. At the time of enrolling in our Charlotte Music school your children would have to take a specific test that will help to determine their musical abilities and the first 30 minutes class is free. This will allow our teachers to determine the abilities of your child . Our criteria for the determination of musical abilities is: hearing test, sense of rhythm, ability to react to specific instructions of the teacher. For our vocal classes your child would have to sing 1 or 2 songs so our teacher can determine how clear intonation of your child is. Those who are interested in enrolling in our Music school in Charlotte NC and already have musical experience would still have to take a test with one of our instructors in order to determine your level of education and help us to create a specific programs just for you. At the time of enrolling in our school we will conduct a serious discussion with parents. Parents must be able to provide great support to our teachers and school. Parents must keep their children under constant supervision so their children besides lesson at school, practiced at home. Our skilled and professional teachers will advice you on how many times a week your child should practice at home. Children must always come to school prepared and parents must ensure that. Only with great cooperation of parents and school your child will achieve great success. It is possible that sometimes parents would have to attend lessons with their children in order to be able to help them with the homework. Education in our school should be not less than seven years so that the child could acquire the full extent of playing the instrument and developed musical and technical skills. We also accept adults in our Music school in Charlotte NC. Anyone who seriously want to master any musical instruments or develop their vocal abilities are welcome in our school however you must be responsible and care about your lessons the same way you care about your job. Our Music school Charlotte NC will host different concerts and all children must participate. Adults can submit a request in order to participate. After graduation all students will receive school`s certificate! Our Music school Charlotte NC takes very serious approach towards education and aimed at people with a deep understanding and sense of liability. We look for people that are willing to work hard in order to achieve greater success. If you feel like your children are talented and have a desire to learn any musical instrument or art then our school welcomes you. We will work very hard to help your children to develop their talents and exceed their abilities in order to become a great musician!

17232 Lancaster Highway 

Suite 108

Charlotte NC 28277

Ballantyne  area

980-244-3113 (School)

704-402-7955 (School Director)