➡️Unique Preschool program! Besides a variety of different classes, ranging from Piano, Guitar, Violin to Dance, Art and Yoga that we offer to ALL AGES! Beginning September 1, 2019 we will have our morning Preschool program available for enrollment. Children ages 3 – 5 are accepted, classes begging at 9:00am and end at 12:30pm.
During these classes your children will be exposed to a variety of different subjects designed by the world leading experts in Preschool industry. They will also get a chance to sing, paint and play a variety of fun yet educational games. Prices are available for 3 days per week ( Monday ,Tuesday,Thursday), for 4 days per week ( Monday,Tuesday,Thursday and Friday )and for 5 days per week ( Monday -Friday ) . One of those day we will keep this program on Russian language with very professional teacher and your children will have an opportunity to learn second language! Space is very limited! Let us know if you are interested in this unique Preschool program for your children! For more information please contact me directly at 704-402-7955 and for all available classes please visit our website https://virtuososchoolofmusicandart.com/lessons-classes Our school located in Ballantyne area !Look address at the flyer below !


980-244-3113 (School)

704-402-7955 (School Director)

17228 Lancaster Highway 

Suite 212

Charlotte NC 28277

Ballantyne  area