The Path To Musical and Dance Success ! ATTENTION! Dear Parents, this is a very important message and I would like to bring it to your attention.
Please take a few minutes to read this short message!
Over my many years and great experience in dealing with students and parents in our school and teaching playing piano and other instruments, I have often seen when children begin to learn any instrument and then drop classes. There are many different reasons why this happens…
Often this happens not only because children do not want to learn, in a lot of cases it is quite the opposite. Many children really would like to continue taking their lessons, but parents, with their workload or just do not want to waste their time in traffic, end up not bringing their children to school.
In order to justify their actions, in a lot of instances they say something among the lines of: “children are very busy or tired and do not want to take lessons anymore”. Of course, very often the children themselves do not want to continue their studies at the music school.
Usually it happens by end of the year, when the kids are naturally tired or in the beginning of spring when there are a lot of different outdoor activities. It is only understandable that children would rather go swimming, play with friends, etc. Which can and usually does act as a distraction and takes children away from their studies.
Therefore, with the spring being here and summer time around the corner, we would like to bring your attention to many other important things that will help you and your children to reconsider your views and attitude towards music and art in general!
Think about how many great benefits your children and adults, too, can receive from music, dance or art classes.
All of the above can drastically improve memory, develop body coordination, develop intellectual abilities.
Those children who play any type of musical instrument or engage in any type of art work, grow up to be very educated, intelligent and well-rounded human beings. Which results in the opportunity for them to easily acquire good professions, better get along with people and achieve greater success in life.
A lot of adults who do not get the opportunity to learn music in childhood want to make up for it in adulthood. Of course there are a lot of benefits for adults also, but it becomes much difficult for them to learn to play any instrument or dance.
Since there is much less flexibility in the hands and body, there is no sharp memory as back in childhood and, as always, there is not enough free time to study. As the result, a lot of adults stop taking their classes and only few continue their education and practice for many years.
Therefore, dear Parents, create this wonderful opportunity to get music and art education for your children at a very young age. If you are not the one who will help them, who else will give them such opportunity?
Your children are now entirely dependent on you and if you deprive them of this opportunity, they will be able to return to studies only when they grow up and able to afford their own education.
In my childhood, I also didn’t want to study music. I was very tired after regular school and didn’t want to go to music school and practice. I looked out the window and cried when the other children were playing outside but I was forced to practice.
But it’s only because of my mother’s perseverance that I grew up to be the person I am today.
She always told me that you’re crying and angry at me now, but when you grow up and become an adult, when you are able to acquire a good profession and become an educated person, only then will you understand everything.
And it’s true, I would never have achieved success in life and became the person I am today, if it weren’t for the perseverance and great patience of my mother, for which I am very grateful to her these days.
Dear Parents, look at these pictures. Here you can see the usual path that children go through. Beginning with the desire to start playing musical instruments, all the way to not wanting to do it anymore.
But only your patience, understanding and support will help your children to master this difficult path and then you will be given a great opportunity to be proud of your children`s achievements throughout life!

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