Ballantyne Virtuoso School of Music and Art .Dance & Yoga provides many classes All at one place . Music lessons ,Art and Crafts ,Dance classes and Yoga for Kids and Adults of All Ages! Preschool classes School of little talents of 4-7 ages 1 University – Trained Teachers 2 We teach the way you want to learn – instruction in pop, jazz , classical & Exam preparation . 3 Optional low-pressure recitals Call us today and register your kids of 4-7 ages for an unique program The program includes 4 lessons in package –Music Art Dance Yoga  We will discover the talents of your children and develop them ! 704-402-7955 email: address; 17228 Lancaster Highway suite 212 Charlotte Nc 28277  Ballantyne We love Referrals!

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704-402-7955 (School Director)

17228 Lancaster Highway 

Suite 212

Charlotte NC 28277

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