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Violin Lessons at Virtuoso School of Music and Art are for beginners to advanced students.  Students can begin violin lessons as early as age 3 1/2. Viola instruction begins at age ____ and up.  Cello study begins at age __  and up.   Our professional teachers structure lesson plans that are tailored to the student’s interests and learning styles.

The heart for our string program (Violin, Viola or Cello) is classical fundamentals.  We concentrate on several different facets that when combined produce remarkable progress and a solid foundation in music.  : technique – in particular learning proper posture, instrument and bow hold, and bowing so as to avoid future habits that may affect health or good sound, better confidence in performing, developing the ability to read music well, and the ability to play well with others. We also work with the student’s interest exposing the student to a broad range of music, adapted to the student’s level of playing.

Students will:

  • Learn proper posture, instrument and bow hold and bowing.
  • Develop the ability to read music.
  • Build better confidence to perform in orchestra.
  • Learn to read music.

Private Lessons
New students are able to start lessons at any time during the year.   We will provide weekly music lessons with a professional music teachers and individual approach to every student.

Private lessons are available on a weekly basis for 30 min., 45 min., or 1-hr durations.  Most beginners will find 30 minute lesson is a sufficient amount of time.                 



Award as one of the Best School in Charlotte NC
Exam preparation
Our 31 students got won on Piano competitions
University-trained Teachers
Our 36 students entered to University and Conservatory