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Two own Blues compositions by guitar teacher of school Robert McNeely


Ballroom Dance Performances


Virtuoso School of Music and Art.Dance& Yoga


Virtuoso School of Music and Art Professional Specialized Music School
Professional Movie of school


Virtuoso School of Music & Art – School Tour


Virtuoso School of Music & Art


Spring Recital – Mr. Ron Young


Spring Recital – Casey Rogers


Spring Recital – Angelika Nikichuk (8 years old)


Spring Recital – Sumi Verma (13 Years old)


Ave Maria Cachini


Svetlana Chernyshyova

Nataly Petrova – Djambe Drums

Guitar Lesson (13 year old)

Guitar Lesson – Cameron (4 years old)

Guitar Lesson – Landen (13 year old)

Piano Lesson – Melanie

Voice Lesson – Penelope (5 years old)

Piano Lesson

Piano Lesson – Ron Young – Shopen-Revolushioner Étude

Piano Lesson – Sandy

Art Class – Adult Group

Christmas Recital – Teacher Performance

Gutar Lesson

Piano lesson with adult student.Rachmaninov-Music moment e minor

Ballroom Dance Class

Spring School Recital June 3, 2017
Dance Performance of Students

Spring School Recital June 3, 2017
Requiem for Three Cello .Performance by teachers

Spring School Recital June 3 ,2017
Performance by Guitar teacher Robert McNeely

Performance by Violin teacher Maria Grosso and Svetlana Chernyshyova

Performance by voice teacher Katya Topchii

Performance by voice teacher Maria Grosso