Oksana Kowcz -Vioce & Music Theater and Acting

Oksana Kowcz

Actress  &   Singer 

Instructor, Coach

Oksana was born in the city of Lviv, Ukraine, considered to be the cultural capital of Eastern Europe. Her love for music and song began in her early childhood. At the early age of seven, she was accepted in to the regional school of music arts where she fell in love with the violin.  She graduated at the early age of 14.  Shortly thereafter she became a vocal soloist in the vocal ensemble “Namysto”.  


2001—received bachelor’s degree from the Stanislav Ludkevich National Music College of Ukriane in Lviv, specializing in voice and earned the status of “Artist”.

2006—received her master’s degree in theater from the Ivan Franko National University in Lviv, and earned the status of Actress of Drama Theater and Cinema.


2005 — participated in the international theater festival “Podium-2005” in Moscow, Russia

Starred in the role of Mavka, in the theatrical fantasy drama “Lisova Pisnia” written by Lesia Ukraiinka

2006 — participated in the “Arts Competition of Lviv-750”, earned first place, gold medalist

2009 Laureate, grand prize winner in the Taras Shevchenko All Ukrainian Recital and  Orator’s Competition

2007 — Participated in the international competition “Sasiedzi” (Poland)

Starred in the drama “In my heart I have that, what cannot die” in the main role of “Mavka” (written by Lesia Ukraiinka). The performance was ranked in the top five best performances of the competition

Theater experience:

2003-2010— Lviv Academic Theater “Voskresinnya”:

Starred in the drama “In My Heart I Have That, What Cannot Die”, main role of “Mavka” (written by Lesia Ukraiinka)

Starred in the drama, “The Colonel and the Birds” in the main role of “The Doctor” in the main line up, and in the role of “Titch” in the backup lineup (written by Chrzystos Bochev)

Starred in the drama “Tomorrow, There Was a War” in the role of “Valentine’s Teacher” (written by Borys Vasylev)

2006-2007 — Contracted actress in the Kyiv theater of Ukrainian tradition “Dzerkalo”:

Starred in the drama “A Christmas Journey ” in the role of the Snow Princess

Starred in the drama “Viy” in the role of the “Nanny” (written by Mykola Gogol)

Cinema castings:

Director O. Yanchuk in the serial episode “Archbishop Andrey” supporting role

Documentary film for television “Personal Matters” in the main role of Ludmilla. Inter Broadcasting Company

Theater drama for television “Lisova Pisnia” in the role of Mavka. Lviv television.

Miscellaneous television commercials

Professional activity:

2007-2008 Radio host on “Melodia Radio” and “Sharmanka”

2008-Radio journalist on talk show “Renown Persons” on Ukrainian National Communications Company Radio

From 2009 till present, free-lance performing artist:

2012 Cast member in the experimental comical opera “Count Caliostro” in the main role of Maria (written by M.L.Taliverdieva)

2012-2013 Participant in vocal-theatrical concerts in the St. Sofia Cathedral Hall

2014-2016 Organized and performed solo theatrical/musical concerts 

Performed in a series of concert programs celebrating the works of Ivan Franko and Taras Shevchenko

Developing talented children:

2008-2009, 2015 Honorary guest, theater voice coach, and judge, in the Annual Literary Arts Festival “The Pereyaslav Autumn of the Kobzar”.  

2016 President of Judge’s Panel at the Lesia Ukrainka Recital Competition (Kyiv, Ukraine) 

President of the Judge’s Panel Maksym Rylskiy Recital Competition (Kyiv, Ukraine)

“…it is most satisfying when I can teach children, develop their acting and voice skills, and witness them achieving new heights with every performance!”

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