Kateryna Topchii

Piano, Voice and Theory and Ear Training Instructor

I have been singing since I was 6 years old. I graduated from a music school on piano class. When I was 10 y.o. I became a member of a municipal choir “Spring voices”, which is well known in many countries all over the world, I sang there till I turned 14. From 2001 till 2004 I studied at a college of music and got a degree as a choir conductor. From 2004 till 2007 I got my Bachelor’s degree in teaching music from Kharkiv National Pedagogical University, Ukraine. I have been working as a vocal and piano teacher since 2005.

Singing is very significant in my life, therefore I love my job. When I sing, my souls sings along with me. When I teach, I try my best to inspire my students to express not only beautiful melody, but also express all their feelings, their emotions, and their souls. I inspire them to love singing as much as I do.

Voice message from Kateryna Topchii