Jerome Liggon

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I’ve been drumming since 1968.
Percussionist for Deja Voodoo: 1988-1991
Percussionist for Vivian and the Merry Makers:1991-2014
East end arts council djembe teacher: 2004–2014
East End Hospice Camp Good Grief djembe teacher: 2013-Present
Studied under
Master drummers:
Sanga of the Valley
John Ward
Michelle Quigg
Daniel Bailey
Rick Salter

In recent years, hand drumming has been proven an effective means of addressing stress, grief, addiction, depression, and anger management.  It is also being used to promote unity, develop listening skills, focus the mind, and promote self-esteem.

These benefits greatly enhance the school community.  Many pre-teen students deal with these issues and, in addition, struggle every day for acceptance by their peer group.  If they have a place where they feel valued and can take risks safely, they will experience heightened self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment, which leads to the improved attitudes toward school. Children who attend alternative schools are very successful in my drumming program.

“The African Drum Experience”
In West Africa, the Djembe drum is used to bring people together for many purposes: to communicate, celebrate and motivate. The Djembe, a cultural lineage that goes back hundreds of years, is for all humanity to experience. The Djembe cultivates self-expression, mindfulness, and joy.
As the African drum instructor I will teach children and adults rhythms that will have them come from within them selves and trust their instinct to create.  They will explore the meaning of the drum to traditional african cultures.
  Music and drumming are an essential part of the lives of children and adults, helping to increase the ability of students to achieve academically as well as provide many therapeutic benefits. From communication and emotional expression to fine-tuning physical and motor disabilities, music and drumming give children benefits that help in school, at home and provide a system of coping and development that can last a lifetime.