Grosso Maria Elisa

Grosso Maria Elisa – Violin and Voice Instructor

I come from a small town in north of Italy and I teach violin, viola, fiddle and opera voice. My parents are both musicians, but they come from very different musical backgrounds: my father is a classical double bass player, composer and accordionist; my mother is a jazz and pop singer; since I was a little girl, I was accustomed to listen to all kinds of musical styles.

I started taking violin lessons at the age of 13 and I obtained my violin diploma at Conservatorio “G. Puccini” in Gallarate.
Meanwhile, I was studying viola on my own and participating to master courses.
At the age of 21, I started singing and later I was accepted at Conservatorio “G, Cantelli” in Novara, where in 2016 I obtained my opera voice Bachelor Degree.

I also got interested in fiddle and I have level 1 and 2 of the O’Connor Method Teacher Training Program (the method focuses on folk fiddle tunes, improvisation, and is great for both kids and adults). I use this method also with students who like to play electric violin instead.
For those who are interested in classical training, I use classical Italian Methods for violin, viola and opera voice lessons.

I have been teaching in Italy for 10 years in private and group lessons to students of mixed ages and mixed nationalities: I speak Spanish, German and also English and Italian, of course.
I like to think that music is not only about sounds, notes and practice, but there is much more beside it: it is about people you play with, feelings, travels, places you visit, cultures you meet and, obviously, like in all things in life, there is success and failure; this is the reason why I want my students to perform with others in different backgrounds and this is why I ask them to work hard, be positive and be patient for results.

Voice message from Violin teacher

Voice message from Voice teacher