Edwin Gil

Edwin Gil – Yoga Instructor

Edwin Gil is an avid social activist and uses his art to bridge cultures and diverse groups living in the U.S. He has overcome numerous obstacles to become one of America’s premier Latino Artists. In his Faces of Diversity Project, Edwin shares his story of triumph and how it helped shape his idea of social awareness through art.

edwin gil pose

As a complement to his art, Gil has intensified his yoga practice by doing a challenge of 365 days of yoga in a year. He practices daily, sometimes taking as many as 6 yoga classes in a day.

Yoga and art work well together because they help strengthen the individual by helping them focus on areas that are specific to them.Edwin Gil finished his 200 RYT training with Grace Morales on September 2015. He intends to complement his knowledge of art and color with the practice of vinyasa which he considers to be a perfect combination of Art and yoga.

Yoga asana or sequences are practiced, engaging areas of the body that open and strengthen the intended focus and bring flexibility to areas that are tight or stiff. A brief meditation may follow these sequences in order to tap into inner resources such as the chakras which are energetic points in our body and are related to colors that are used in personal expression. The process of creating art gives expression to the wisdom of the intuitive self-achieved from yoga and the self-awareness that comes from it and associated meditation.”