Cliff Howard

Guitar Instructor

Cliff Howard started learning and playing the guitar at the age of 12 in Johnson City, Tennessee. His love of music catapulted him into playing for hours every day, learning any and every song and technique  he could. He joined his first band at the age of 14 and continued playing and performing in over 7 different  bands up until the age of 26. After 14 years of learning, practicing, recording, and performing, Cliff decided to try teaching the guitar to people of all ages. He soon found that he loved teaching guitar and music theory, so he started his own guitar instruction business in 2010, in Charlotte, NC, called Cliff’s Guitar Lessons.

Cliff has been teaching guitar and music theory since, with the goal of bringing every student to the point of being able to play any song or piece they want to learn, and at the same time, building a solid foundation of music and guitar knowledge. He continues to strive to make learning to play the guitar fun and easy, through a arefully planned curriculum, tailored to the students being taught. One of Cliff’s many satisfied clients says, “Cliff is a great teacher. My son has really enjoyed taking lessons from him.” -Lori W.  Waxhaw, NC.

With the leadership and support of Virtuoso School of Music and Art behind Cliff, there is no limit to what students can learn about music, bringing them the satisfaction, artistic freedom, and sense of accomplishment that comes with learning to play the guitar.