01Feb 2016

Here are reasons students quit, and ways to combat them: 1. Parents don’t treat music as important as other subjects. The sad truth is that many non-music teachers and administrators do not find music equally as important as math or English language-arts — but parents must. Besides, you wouldn’t let your child quit math, would […]

31Jan 2016
music school charlotte nc

Opening  a new class! Electronic drums, Acoustic drums, African drums, Stage drums. At “Virtuoso”School of Music and Art now is open a new class – different kind of Drums. Electric drums, Acoustic drums, African drums, Stage drums. Welcome to this interesting and enjoyable lesson and you will get a lot of fun!

02Dec 2015

Dear parents and students of “Virtuoso” School of Music and Art, I am very excited about our up coming Christmas recital! Please mark your calendars. After the recital, we will have a little get together to celebrate. “Virtuoso” School of Music and Art will be providing cake and juice. I am expecting enjoyable performances by […]