29Jul 2016
guitar lessons Charlotte nc

Teaching music to children   Many children are born with musical abilities but are not interested or encouraged to develop them. This is very regrettable because a life long enjoyment of music is lost both for the children and for others.  The key to successful music training is always the parents. Without their support and […]

18Jun 2016

Music Summer Camp for kids 5-12! Get a total of 15 hours of the most FUN Introduction to Music Classes. Group Keyboard Class.Ensemble. June 27-July 1 Time 8.30am -12.00 pm on each day,with a finally day concert at 11.30am for the whole family and friends! Location :VIRTUOSO School of Music and Art. Your children will […]

16Jun 2016
Kids Art Classes NC

This is a fun paint lesson learning new techniques for children 5+. Everything is provided. Please arrive 15 mins before class to settle. Class starts at 11 and ends at 12:30pm. Space is limited of 9 people. Hurry up to buy the tickets. You can buy the tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/scheduled-charlotte-kids-paint…

30May 2016
Tyler Recital Hall

It hits you very hard…but feel no pain ….it stops your heart but you don’t have heart attack …..its not even touch you but it makes you cry……we can’t see it ..but its beauties pleasure……..its .music That was great recital! All kids have got gift certificates of Excellence and small gift from school.