Flute Lessons Charlotte NC – Ballantyne area



The flute is a musical instrument of woodwind group.  The flute commonly used in different orchestras such as chamber music, military bands and marching bands.  The sounds of flute is very beautiful.  For such a small instrument, it takes a lot of power to play. 
This instrument yields a pleasing tone the more you practice it, and at first requires a lot of air until you get used to playing it.  It is quite easy to obtain a note on it,  and if you can blow across a bottle and get a sound then you can get a note from the flute!   Playing the flute is very rewarding for the student because they make progress quite quickly .
The flute is a fascinating instrument that always presents some new challenge , and it sounds fantastic when played well. 

Students will :

  • Learn to read music and improve aural skills.
  • Learn to enjoy playing with accompaniment from piano 
  • Build self-confidence and performance skill
  • Performances with orchestra 
  • Learn phrasing techniques and fluency in playing.

Private Lessons
New students are able to start lessons at any time during the year.   We will provide weekly music lessons with a professional music teachers and individual approach to every student.

Private lessons are available on a weekly basis for 30 min., 45 min., or 1-hr durations.  Most beginners will find 30 minute lesson is a sufficient amount of time.



Award as one of the Best School in Charlotte NC
Exam preparation
Our 31 students got won on Piano competitions
University-trained Teachers
Our 36 students entered to University and Conservatory