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Located in the convenient Ballentyne area, Virtuoso School of Music and Art offers an extensive selection of dance classes for both youth and adult.  Our classes are taught in a very encouraging environment by experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in all styles of dance. 


Youth Dance Classes

Parent and Tot (2 years old)
This fun class is for children age 2, along with Mom or Dad. This is a great introduction into dancing for children just developing their coordination. We will use props to guide the children through music, movement, basic ballet, and basic tap curriculum. Parents are encouraged to participate and to help guide their children through the exercises.

Creative Movement (3-4 year old)
This class develops motor skills while exploring creativity. Dance is a wonderful way to introduce students to a class setting. Class begins with fun stretch exercises, followed by an introduction to basic ballet, modern and jazz techniques. Each class also incorporates an across the floor which focuses on motor skill development through jumping and leaping, and a creative activity such as dancing out a story. Students learn the importance of respect as our only rule and are encouraged express their opinions and creativity in ways that are respectful to the class, themselves and the teacher.

Ballet I
Basic ballet introduction. Small props will continue to be used. We will learn proper body positioning, correct terminology, all while having a great time! We will also learn a few small choreographed dances to be performed at our end of the session recital.

Ballet II
Continuing to build on what we have learned in Ballet I, we will learn more positions, more complex combination of steps and will work on class etiquette and some history of ballet.

Tap I
Introduction to tap. We will learn all of the basic steps of tap dancing as well as work on simple combination steps. We will also work on rhythm activities. A few small choreographed dances will be learned to perform for our end of the session recital.

Tap II
We will continue to build on what we learned in Tap I, adding more complex combination of steps. Children will be given the opportunity to choreograph their own combination as well!

Jazz I
Age appropriate music will be used while we learn basic Jazz movements. We will learn several styles of Jazz and will stress correct body placement. A small routine will be learned to perform for our end of the session recital.

Jazz II
We will continue to work on our basic jazz movements while adding in more complex across the floor combination as well as continue to work on our center work including turns and jumps. The students will be given an opportunity to choreograph small sections of the dance they will learn to perform for the end of the session recital. Age appropriate music and costumes will be used!

Jazz/Hip Hop (6-8 years old)
This is one of the most popular classes in the school. Class length is 1 hour, one time per week. This beginner program allows students to take two most popular forms of dance in one class. The jazz/hip hop class teachers fundamental jazz steps and combines the elements of hip hop moves and contemporary music. We have found that the combination of jazz and hip hop is ideal for this age.
Students learn the necessary elements of jazz which are crucial to success in hip hop, but also get to learn hip hop moves which require the coordination and balance learned from jazz. When students complete this class they are ready to progress to the next level, Jazz/Hip Hop 7-10B.

Dance Classes for Ages 8-Adult

Ballet/Tap I (ages 8-10)
This is a combination ballet/tap class. It will last 1 hour. Students will learn ballet fundamentals and terminology while developing strength, confidence, balance, and flexibility. They will also get an introduction to basic tap fundamentals and terminology.

Ballet/Tap II (ages 10-12)
This is a combination ballet/tap class. It will last 1 hour. Ballet for this age group reinforces the basic concepts and then gradually moves the students into the traditional ballet class format of barre followed by center exercises. Students will work on memorization of ballet terminology and more difficult combinations. This class is also designed to refine tap skills, while moving beyond the fundamentals of tap.

Teen Ballet (ages 13-18)
This is a one-hour ballet class. Core body strength, arms (port de bras) and correct turn out based on a student’s anatomy and muscular development are emphasized at the barre. Center work is focused on the basics of adagio (slow controlled combination), preparation for pirouettes, simple turns across the floor, petit allégro and grand allégro.

Tap II/Teen tap (ages 13-18)
This class is 1 hour. It is designed to refine tap skills, while moving beyond the fundamentals of tap. Students will put the fundamentals to work by learning new steps, rhythms, patterns, and combinations.

Jazz I (ages 8-10)
This class is a 1-hour introduction to jazz dance. Jazz is a fun filled class focused on improving technique, strength, and flexibility, which will enhance student’s jumps, turns, and stage performance.

Jazz II (ages 10-12)
This energizing class will teach coordination, strength, and flexibility with fun exercises and across the floor movement. Eventually, this class will build to center combinations of choreography.

Teen Jazz (ages 13-18)
Teen Jazz increases the complexity of combinations and emphasizes the further development of technique and style. Students will master multiple turns, quicker jumps and difficult progressions.

Adult Jazz/Contemporary (ages 18)
Typically the style of dance you see on Broadway, concerts or television. Students warm up with stretching, isolations, strengthening exercises, and "across the floor" exercises such as turns and leaps.

Lyrical Jazz
Lyrical dance combines the many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom and airier aspects of jazz, contemporary and modern dance. Lyrical dance is very expensive and is commonly set to popular music with vocals.

Adult Dance Classes 

All our adult classes are ladies only. They are geared for beginning recreational students. Classes for more advanced adult students are listed on our scheduled as intermediate. Adult classes vary from year to year, but typical are offered in Ballroom, Flamenco, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop.

Invitational Classes
Enrollment in an invitational class requires an invitational from the dance teacher. These classes are for students that have several years of dance experience in a certain style of dance and whom the teachers decide to group together based on ability and cohesion as a group.

Ballroom dancing can not only build coordination, grace, poise, and posture – but it can also develop great core strength and flexibility. Regardless of age, ballroom dancing is one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercise because… it doesn’t feel like cardio. So if you or your son or daughter needs to take their physical activity up a notch, without feeling like it is exercise, ballroom dance lessons will do the trick.

Flamenco dancing can have many different purposes. Whether the dance is intended to be entertaining, romantic, or comforting, flamenco is a very emotional style of dance. Flamenco dancers try to express their deepest emotions by using body movements and facial expressions. As the dancers perform, they may also clap their hands or kick their feet. Many dancers also snap small percussion handheld instruments called "castanets."



Private Lessons
New students are able to start lessons at any time during the year.   We will provide weekly music lessons with a professional music teachers and individual approach to every student.

Group Lessons
Group lessons meet weekly for one hour. Students spend great time with their teacher and the other students.  Group lesson are very good setting for students who are just beginning their studies in a particular instrument.  All beginners must to learn the basics of their instrument, such as -note, values, time, signature and position.  These group lessons are the perfect environment to master these concepts.  We are constantly assessing student progress and are happy to share with the student when we feel they can benefit from the one-on-one attention of private lessons.

Private lessons are available on a weekly basis for 30 min., 45 min., or 1-hr durations.  Most beginners will find 30 minute lesson is a sufficient amount of time.  Group lessons are available in a 1-hr session.                     



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