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Virtuoso School of Music & Art is excited to announce the addition of DANCE and YOGA -STRETCHING  CLASSES!


 Virtuoso School of Music and Art  Professionally Specialized Music School for ALL AGES and Talents , who wants to enter World of Music!

 All those, who are seriously interested in musical development of their children and look up after their future .Our school is for those who care about their knowledge as well as playing on musical instruments.

In  our school you will find professional teachers with European style in  education who  use rigorous, individual approaches for all our students . Our teachers have mastered their instruments and will be able to share their knowledge, experience, skills and love toward music and art with their students. 

Our school has developed different plans and programs of education for children and adults. Also we  teach and prepare anyone who seriously deserves to perform at different competitions as well as those who want to enter universities and conservatories in order to continue their music  education. 

We accept  children and adults in our school. Anyone who  want to master any musical  instrument. Our school takes very serious approach towards education and aimed at people with a deep understanding and sense of liability. We look for people that are willing to work hard in order to achieve greater success!

We will create a specialized curriculum for you or your child to have them start, to have a fun and to be dedicated any instrument of their choice and we will work very hard to help your children to develop their talents and exceed their abilities in order to become a great musician!

Music should be something that the learner for a lifetime ! Music is not optional in life. It is a necessity of the   human  spirit !  Just try to get through a day without music and see how well that goes!!! 

Many Children and Adults take Music, Dance  and Art lessons at our school each week with fun, patient and very dedicated teachers .

We offer both private and group   Music lessons,  Dance classes,  Art classes, our unique program  School of Little Talents,  Music Theater ,  Preschool program and other  very interesting lessons and classes with a variety of times so that you can book classes for different children at the same time to save you hours of driving  and waiting time!

 Our school offers year round  various performances and  participation including class recital ,semiannual school recitals ,competitions ,children's festivals ,and much more....
Upon Registration every family will receive a Music Parent Handbook with all necessary information of Music Education offered at our school !


Best Piano Teachers in Charlotte


Best Piano
Teachers in


1. Music & Dance & Art & Music Theater  lessons All in one place.

2. University-trained  Teachers with European style in education.

3.  We teach the way you want to learn - instruction in pop, jazz, classical.

4.  Preparation for Exam ABRSM and competitions.

5.  Very Fair prices and packages with discount and many convenient payment options.

           6.  School of Little Talents unique after school program 4-7 ages and 8-12 ages 

7.  Small Dance and Art class sizes.

8.  Accept children for private and group lessons from age 3 and a half. 

9.  Professional facility , encouraging  environment. 

10.  Music Recitals  & Dance Shows.

                                                             11.   Skype - online  Classes, Lessons ,Training  are available.

12. Our school Awarded as one of the Best Music and Dance school in Charlotte NC.